Full Service Office 365 Admin vs. Support

I had a conversation today with a customer that made me realize that we might be offering something fairly unique, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about that.

We offer a service called The Full Monty. While the name implies you get everything, certainly we have services that are higher priced and not included in this bundle - but as the name implies, The Full Monty gives almost everything you could want to add to Office 365 that Microsoft doesn't sell you.

What's Included?

Compliance 365

Reports and alerts for Office 365 to keep tabs on your account. This offering is awesome if you have compliance requirements like SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, or GLBA. It also gives you better intelligence into what's going on within your Office 365 subscription, so it has real value for companies that don't necessarily have heavy regulatory obligations.

Managed Help Desk

friendly technical staff to provide Tier 1 support for Office 365, backed up by our experienced Office 365 and SharePoint experts. While we do support Office 365 customers at no extra cost, this service takes that to a whole new level. We include a toll free number and robust management of all your IT issues, including those with for which outside parties are responsible. We'll even manage your support requests and forward them to your own IT staff as needed, if that's what works for you.

Admin OnDemand

This is the one our customers really love. This service puts our Office 365 SharePoint experts at your beck and call for practically any routine administrative task you could possibly want. It goes beyond support, which covers break/fix and telling you how tasks can be performed; we actually do the work for you. Good examples include on-boarding a new employee or creating a new SharePoint site or document library.

What's Not Included?

Support and technical administrative staff don't write code, and they aren't consultants.These services weren't intended to replace those provided during more complex development or systems integration projects. So, we do all that we can to offer the best service possible, but if a particular task would require these skills or take longer than a couple of hours, chances are it's not covered in this program.

Our services don't normally cover desktop OS or hardware support. Many of our customers tell us that such services that they get from "managed service providers" are a waste of money. A good option for hardware support is to rely on the warranty services provided by hardware vendors like Dell, HP, BestBuy, or MicroCenter. If you need an on site technician or remote support for desktop software and OS, we can provide these at additional cost. 

The Full Monty isn't a cloud backup service, extra app, or SharePoint add-on. If you want to put additional capabilities into Office 365 that it doesn't provide natively, we can help you by recommending such services. I know, that seems obvious, but sometimes we get interesting questions, so we thought it would be a good idea to spell it out.

What Does It Cost?

The Full Monty Costs the equivalent of $7.77/user/month, so that's $93.24/user/year. Quarterly billing is available if you're in a pinch.

Here's another way to think about the price. If you have 100 employees in your company, the cost would be $9,324/year. Compare that to hiring an average part-time IT worker, which is likely to cost you something in the neighborhood of $40,000/year and possibly more. In such a situation, if our service prevented someone from having to hire a person to perform these duties, they'd be saving 30k per year at the very least.

What if I add users later?

Yes, as your workforce grows your costs will go up, but in a very predictable way. There are very practical reasons why we can't offer to provide this service to only some of your employees while excluding others. You can always opt out of the program or switch to a different plan, but of course the services we'll offer in that case will likely be different. So, it's best to decide if you want this level of support and then plan accordingly.

What if I have users who aren't using the whole Office 365 suite?

The Fully Monty was intended for customers with plans like Business Premium, the E1, or E3. Sometimes, folks will have e-mail only or kiosk workers. That's fine, and of course it isn't our intention to charge full price in such cases. However, each situation is different, so we'd need to have a conversation with you and work up a custom quote based on your unique situation in order to get you the best price.

In Summary

People often have questions about what services they need and why they should pay more in addition to what Microsoft already charges for Office 365. While we do make some money from reselling Microsoft's cloud services, our margins are not fantastic; we do the best job we can to support 365 customers at no extra cost.

Often, companies have IT needs that go well beyond what can be considered support in a traditional sense. The Full Monty is our offering that addresses this. By taking into account what customers are likely to need at any given time and using an actuarial model to distribute the risk, we keep the costs as low as possible. Think of this like insurance for your Office 365 services. When you need assistance, we'll be there.

We think it's a great service and quite affordable compared to those offered by traditional MSPs. Maybe even it could be the cheapest way to hire a SharePoint admin that ever existed.  Do you agree or disagree? Did I leave something important out? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Competitors are welcome to reply too. Please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.