Limited Time Offer: Save 5% on Office 365

Okay, we have a whole series about Office 365 coming to the blog soon, but this news just couldn't wait! Eligible Office 365 Subscription Advisor customers will get 5% off your subscription for 3 months when you switch subscription plans to Liquid Mercury Solutions.

Plus that's not all! All our new Office 365 / Azure customers receive a complimentary Subscription Review ($600 value). Plus, customers with at least 50 seats qualify for free regularly scheduled Office 365 and SharePoint Strategy Sessions, worth up to $3,600 annually in valuable consulting and advice that helps you get the most out of your investment in Microsoft products. (The length and frequency of sessions varies based on number of users and plans, so ask us for details.)

Best of all, the price of Office 365 won't change at all. That's "money for nothing"!

Okay, what's an "eligible customer"? A Subscription Advisor (SA) license is one when you have Office 365 and pay Microsoft for it on a monthly basis; that means you didn't pre-purchase annually through Microsoft Open. To be eligable, you must be have SA licenses for Business or Enterprise plans. Sorry but Personal, Government, Education, and Charity plans don't qualify for this discount. This promotion is for new customers only, so if LMS is currently your Partner of Record we have other goodies we can tell you about instead.

If you are renewing your existing annual subscription in December that's great. This will be really easy. If you don't renew this month, that's OK. We'll help you submit the necessary request to Office 365 billing support to cancel the annual SA subscription. Microsoft says this is OK by them and that they've provided an option in the ticket request for swtiching to the new pricing model. (Don't cancel your current plan if you pre-paid for the entire year, because this isn't refundable. However, we can still grandfather you in at the end of your contract year.)

Sound complicated? Not really. Most Office 365 customers fit this description.

We'll even make it easy and help you figure this out. Click here to add us as a delegated admin to your Office 365 account and we'll check things out and let you know if you qualify for these discounts and incentives. If you aren't sure, you can contact us email or call 410-633-5959 and we'll help you find out what we can do for you.

Seasons greetings from all your friends at Liquid Mercury!